35 Amazing Gifts for Travelers (That We’ll Love You So Much For): 2020 Edition

The Only Gift Guide for Travelers You’ll Ever Need

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‘Tis the season for gift-giving! Can you believe we only have a couple of weeks left until the end of 2019? That also means we’re that much closer to my favorite holiday season, Christmas! With that in view, marketers have done a great job in lining up the biggest sale of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so now’s the best time to get your gift shopping done for your favorite globetrotter! Gift-giving is one of my fortés as it is one of my primary love languages. I find such joy in picking out the perfect gifts for my loved ones, not only during Christmas but all year round. And so with this list, I hope you’ll find the perfect present for that wanderluster in your life! Or maybe even pick up something special for yourself, because let’s be honest, you’re totally gonna get some for yourself. I promise I won’t tell 😉

I’ve compiled this list of gifts I would love to receive as a traveler myself, so if you’re a close friend or family member reading this, cough cough, consider this cheat sheet generously compiled by moi! Thank you and you’re welcome! 😉 Okay, with that aside, let’s get down to the best gifts for travelers!

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For the Hybrid Nomad (like me!)

If your favorite globetrotter is like me and spends a considerable amount of time back home in between travels, then they’re gonna love these gifts that remind them of their travels even when they’re home sweet home!

1. Scratch Maps

I’ve received a couple of these as gifts (because they make such awesome gifts for a traveler) and I absolutely love them! There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home from a trip and scratching these bad boys and seeing just how much of the globe you’ve covered! They even have a push pin version that I’m eyeing. Hint hint 😉


2. World Map Shower Curtain

How freakin’ cool is this?! I know most of us do our best thinking in the shower, so why not kill two birds with one stone and plan that next getaway while getting all squeaky clean?



3. Cork Globe
More globe stuff! A perfect addition to any desk, whether to reminisce over at home or to make your colleagues jealous at work.


For the Techie Traveler

There’s a high chance your favorite globetrotter is quite a techie, or at least needs some tech products in his or her arsenal to make their journey smoother. Here are some awesome gifts for these traveling techies:

4. Portable Charger

I never leave home without my portable charger aka. power bank because I’m such a heavy phone user. I always have Maps open to get directions, always Googling for places to eat and see, and snapping endless pictures and videos! I don’t think I’d get by without a portable charger so this is an absolute must-have. This one by Anker comes highly recommended and features fast charging, which is essential considering how big our phone battery capacities are getting nowadays! It charges the iPhone 6s 9 times, the Galaxy S6 over seven times or the 2015 MacBook more than three times.


5. Noise canceling earphones

I cannot stress how much these have saved my life on numerous occasions. Good to remedy screaming babies on a plane, snoring roomies, and well, when you’re in the mood for a good ol’ jam session. I like how they aren’t bulky at all and fit right in your pocket, as opposed to the headphone kind. And the batteries on these noise-canceling earphones last up to 8 hours. However, I found they worked perfectly well even without the noise-canceling feature turned on.

Pair with: A subscription to Amazon Prime which includes Amazon Music, so they can listen to their favorite jams offline while on the plane or anywhere in the world without data. 


6. Kindle

I love a good paperback, but I can be quite fickle and sometimes alternate between books (which is a bad habit but I digress). So instead of lugging multiple books on my trip, the Kindle comes to the rescue! I can have as many books as I want in there so I can choose what to read based on my mood at the time. It’s incredibly lightweight, glare-free and waterproof so it’s perfect for reading in all conditions; in bed, under the sun or even by the beach!



7. Camera

What’s a trip if you can’t make memories? And even better if you can capture them to last a lifetime. Buying a camera is very subjective to personal preference, but I personally swear by Sony cameras, and they have a model that’s suited for every level. I started out with the Sony RX100, which is a point and shoot camera that’s perfect for beginners or just anyone looking to take photos on their trip. It’s lightweight, takes amazing photos and is wallet-friendly. There is a newer model now called the Sony RX100iv that shoots in 4K!

I’m currently using the Sony A6000, which is a great beginner level mirrorless camera, so if your favorite traveler is looking to dabble into the world of mirrorless cameras and lenses, and wants a step up from a point and shoot camera, this is the one to get. It’s lightweight and is portable enough to just throw into a handbag. Also, they’ll get the flexibility of interchanging lenses so they can shoot multiple types of scenes.

Now, for the most advanced photographers who still want a reasonably lightweight camera, the Sony A7 series is a dream. And currently my dream camera. It’s a wonder how these cameras pack full-frame sensors on such a slim body, so you’ll get top-notch images without the bulk of a DSLR.



8. GoPro Hero

Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s an all-out adventurer, adrenaline junkie, or just a city dweller, a GoPro Hero is one of the handiest cameras out there. It fits in your palm and takes amazing 4K videos. Take slow-mo videos while you’re surfing, capture the timelapse of the Northern Lights, or take a selfie while jumping out of a plane — the options are endless with this one.



9. Drone

Sometimes you just need to see things from a bird’s-eye view, and since we’re short on a pair of wings, a drone is the next best thing. And these babies produce some pretty amazing shots. It’s also great for taking those selfies when you’re traveling solo that isn’t restricted to your arm’s length. No more awkward angles when you get friendly passersby to help take your pictures (if you know what I mean)! I like this DJI Mavic Air as it’s really lightweight and compact — perfect for traveling.



10. Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera

Digital memories are great, but it’s also nice to have tangible ones you can look back on. The Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera works just like a Polaroid, and prints pocket-sized pictures you can keep in your wallet, or stick on your walls or scrapbooks. I also like Fujifilm’s Instax Printer that prints off any photos you have in your phone so you can edit them before you print them!


11. Camera bag

A camera bag is essential for photographers who carry more than one lens to protect those precious lenses and that very expensive camera body. This one is functional as well as stylish, and can even fit other things like your phone, passport and other essentials.



12. Camera strap

Since we’re on cameras, a camera strap is super practical so that you’re hands-free when you don’t need your camera, yet have it within easy reach to capture those priceless moments. I think these leather ones are super stylish.


13. Tripod

Great for taking night shots, or for those solo shots, a good tripod is a great asset in a photographer’s toolkit. This one from Amazon is really popular as it’s sturdy but really lightweight enough (only 3lb!) to carry around which makes it perfect for traveling.



14. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Now isn’t this every girl’s (secret) dream hairdryer? It’s probably one of the most advanced hairdryers on the market that’ll save so much time on hair drying. Especially for travelers who can’t travel without a hairdryer, this sexy thing weighs in at only 2lb so you can take it anywhere! The fast drying ensures you’ll be out the door in no time so you’ll have more time to actually see the sights!


15. Fitbit

While we’re traveling, it’s not a surprise that we’ll be constantly on the move. And to have a device that tracks our daily activity is super nifty. It’s great to understand how much calories we burnt while hiking up that mountain, or what our heart rate’s at while we’re at the peak! There are also super fun challenges you can join with your friends to see who can get the most steps in a day! A super fun way to get fit if you ask me!



Essentials for Every Traveler

Although there are so many types of travelers, there is still one thing that binds us all: our love for travel. These gifts are sure to delight any traveler!


16. Passport Cover

Passport covers are such an easy gift to buy for a traveler as all of us will either need one to replace a currently tattered one, or actually need one right now! They’re a great way to show off personality, and also identify them when traveling in a group. There are so many designs to choose from, but I especially like this minimalistic marble one!


17. Travel Wallet

A passport cover on steroids, a travel wallet not only holds your passport, but everything essential for travels including boarding passes, IDs, credit cards and cash. It’s an OCD dream. It’s great so everything is in one place so your traveler can stay organized.


18. Money Belt

The first day I was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I bumped into a lady that was relaying her story about getting robbed in broad daylight by 3 men on motorbikes while she was walking with a group of friends. She wasn’t alone, and it happened right smack in the middle of the afternoon! Immediately I regretted not getting one of these money belts. They’re basically a super slim fanny pack that goes under your clothes, so they’re really discrete and draw no attention. It’s great if your traveler is extra cautious or planning to travel somewhere with a relatively higher crime rate.


19. Travel Journal

Journaling is a great way to look back on your travels, and this travel journal by Erin Condren is super fun because it’s filled with worksheets to inspire your journaling. It’s also got illustrative and functional stickers to spruce up those pages!


20. Travel Pillow

Hotel/hostel pillows aren’t always the comfiest, unless you’re blessed with access to 5-star hotels. And let’s not even start with those pesky airline seats that definitely aren’t designed for a passenger’s comfort. So this travel pillow by Dot&Dot is perfect for sleeping on planes, trains, cars, basically anywhere! Just twist it the way you want and you’re off to Lala-Land. The snap closure also makes it easy to attach onto luggage or backpacks so it’s super easy to carry around.


21. Pocket Knife

For the avid camper or the everyday adventurer, it’s both a mini toolbox and a manicure set in your pocket. It’s the perfect travel companion so they’ll never be caught in a twist.


22. Trolley Suitcase

Every traveler needs a luggage bag, and if your traveler prefers to have the weight off their shoulders and on wheels, this trolley suitcase is great and not to mention stylish! This set includes a hand bag which makes a perfect pair.


23. Travel Backpack

If your traveler prefers to be on the go, then a backpack is super easy to get around with. And after doing extensive research, I’ve found this Osprey Farpoint to be one of the best in the market. It fits just about everything! Good news for females, there’s a women-specific version, the Fairview that’s specially designed to fit the female physique. I’ve taken it with me on trips and even when I think it’s filled to the brim, I still manage to find space in there to chuck a little bit more. It’s like I used the Undetectable Extension Charm on it just like Hermione! Any Harry Potter fans out there?



24. Fjallraven Daypack

I can’t say enough good things about this backpack. It is my absolute favorite and fits everything I would need for the day. I love that it’s also available in so many funky colors. I dare you to tell me there’s not a single color you like!


25. Travel-Inspired Jewelry

Travel-themed jewelry is a great conversation starter, and a great way to wear this love of theirs around. I love this bracelet that’s fully customizable to your own personal coordinates.



26. Crumpled City Maps 

Folding and unfolding maps can be a pain. Enter: Crumpled city maps! These are a Godsent especially when you’re in a rush, as you ball them up and put them in your pocket and pull them out once you need them. You can get these in most major cities.


27. Luggage Scale
Excess baggage fees are such a pain, and arriving at the airport with our fingers crossed that our bags aren’t overweight are often cause for some much-unneeded anxiety. Enter: The Luggage Scale!

I always travel with one, and they’re super small and light so they can be thrown into any bag.



28. Travel Kit

With so many restrictions on liquids on planes these days, a travel kit is so essential. Because who knows what kinds of shower gels and shampoos await us as at our hostels? Unless you’re staying in some swanky 5-star hotel, it’s usually a shared communal bottle of soap. Ummmm.. no thanks. So this cute Burt’s Bees travel kit is just what we need.



29. Travel Insurance

In the midst of all that travel planning, sometimes we travelers miss out on that all-important travel insurance, simply because it’s the least exciting part of the trip. But it is essential in the event that things go awry. To keep your traveler safe (and your worries at bay), purchase a travel insurance on their behalf so they’re always protected no matter what happens. World Nomads Travel Insurance is designed by travelers for travelers, and has protected over thousands of travelers each year. The best part is that you can purchase the insurance even when the travel has started.



For the Traveling Book Lover

30. Lonely Planet The Book of Everything

If your traveler is anything like me, then they’re gonna wanna know all the how’s, the why’s and the in’s and out’s of everything, especially when they’re traveling. Guides on how to greet an alien if you ever chance upon one, how to crack open a coconut for those island vacations, and how to behave if say, you meet the Queen of England? This makes for an awesome coffee table book and is high on my list! Lonely Planet is one of the most reliable travel resources out there, and you can check out their extensive list of books as well as in-depth city guides here.


31. National Geographic’s Journeys of a Lifetime

Who doesn’t love the good ol’ trusty National Geographic? Now with their best-selling book, this guide reveals 500 of the most celebrated yet off-the-beaten path destinations around the globe.


32. 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

Both a bucket list and a travel guide, this book will see your traveler through the 1,000 must-see places on our globe. Perfect for even the most seasoned travelers, they’ll find there’s still so much of our amazing Earth to cover.



33. Rick Steves Books

If you know where your traveler’s next destination is, you could save their life and pick up one of Rick Steve’s destination guides. His travel tips are some of the best and most comprehensive, so your traveler will be guaranteed the best time ever.



For the Experiental Traveler

Some travelers, in fact most of us, value experiences over material possessions which is what makes shopping for a traveler pretty tough. So why not chip in on their travel expenditures? They’ll love you so much for it!

34. Gift cards

What better way to support your favorite traveler’s love for travel than to chip in on a part of their expenses? I can’t explain how happy I am when I get discounts on my stays, so to get a $50 gift card on my stay – priceless. You can get Airbnb gift cards, like the one pictured here, or you can even get them emailed ASAP for those last minute purchases!

You could also get them a Southwest gift card for flights or Hotels.com gift card for their stay. Check out more gift card ideas here.

Psst! Get 35$ off your first Airbnb stay via this link. Or if hotels are more your thing, I like Booking.com. They’ve got the best selection of hotels and apartments. Get 10% off your booking here!

Read more: Everything You Need To Know When Booking On Airbnb (Even If It’s Not Your First Time!)



35. CityPASS

Seeing all the top attractions in a city can quickly add up. That’s why with the CityPASS, your traveler can save up to 50% off on admissions at top attractions in a given city. It’s a unique and thoughtful gift that’ll take the hassle out of buying admission tickets to each individual attraction and save tons of money. Your traveler will totally love you for it!


And there you have it! I hope this list of gifts has helped you find the perfect present for your favorite globetrotter! Let me know how they liked their gifts, or if you’ve found anything else I could add to this list!

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