5 Insanely Easy Steps to Start A Blog You Can Monetize Now


Has the thought of starting a blog ever crossed your mind? Maybe you’re tired of the 9-5 and have heard of bloggers making full-time incomes. Or perhaps you just have a lot to say and want to have your voice heard. Whatever your motivation, starting a blog isn’t as complicated as you might think! Here’s my personal 5 step-formula on how to start a blog you can actually monetize. Let’s begin!

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How to Get To Neuschwanstein Castle: A Complete Guide

Neuschwanstein Castle

Where my Disney fans at? This one’s for you! Remember the Disney castle you see in the intro of all Disney movies? It’s also the centerpiece for Disneyland theme parks’ Magic Kingdom across the world. In the cartoons, this is actually Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Well, did you know you can visit the real-life Sleeping Beauty Castle, or known as Neuschwanstein Castle! Follow along to find out how to get to Neuschwanstein Castle and how you can plan a trip to the castle!

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