The Most Beautiful Travel Destinations to Spark Your Wanderlust: 2019

Top 10 Beautiful Travel Destinations to Spark Your Wanderlust

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It’s 2019 and the travel bug is catching on, as more and more people are starting to venture out of the comfort of their homes and into foreign lands, in search of exotic foods, new cultures, and adrenaline-inducing experiences. With the world’s first flying car entering the market just a few months ago, it’s clear we are all set to go further.

If you’ve got ‘travel more’ as one of your 2019 New Year’s resolutions, then you might want to start writing up your Wanderlust List, or ‘Wanderlist’ as I call it. Here are my personal picks for the top 10 travel destinations for 2019 that’ll surely satisfy that travel itch – from my personal favourites to destinations that are top on my ‘Wanderlist’.

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1. Myanmar


Myanmar has been favourite South East Asian country ever since I made a trip here in 2015. Since only opening up to tourism less than a decade ago, the country still remains one of the more authentic Asian experiences you can have. The country has yet to be touched by Western influence, and you can actually see the locals walking the streets in their traditional wear, which is so rare in this day and age. And this is why this place will always have a special place in my heart. The magical landscape of lakes, mountains and countryside will give you an all-encompassing trip to remember.

2. Africa

african safari

My love for animals has always drawn me to the land of these magical creatures, and there’s probably no better place to witness the Kings of the Animal Kingdom and their royal subjects in their natural habitat than in Africa. But that’s not all Africa is known for. Cape Town has slowly started to rise in popularity and rightly so for its breathtaking cliff sides and stunning beaches.

3. The Stans


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‘The Stans’ is a colloquial term given to a group of countries located in Central Asia, comprising of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. What can you expect, you ask? Rolling hills, vast desserts, ornate Soviet-era architecture, authentic culture and reportedly some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. Slowly creeping onto the radars of travelers the world over, The Stans is starting to gain popularity, and it’s no wonder why, which is why you should make a visit soon.

4. Canada


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With 3 of its cities in CNN Travel’s Top 10 Most Livable Cities in 2018, Canada must be doing something right. Having made a trip to Vancouver, Canada just last year, I immediately fell in love with the city, and the country. Sometimes referred to as ‘America’s nicer little brother’, you’ll find some of the friendliest people here. Of course you would, considering how absolutely beautiful their country is?! Traveling across the country makes for an excellent trip, especially when traveling via rail, which is one of the world’s greatest experiences. Treat your senses to some of the most beautiful terrain and scenery your eyes have ever laid on.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand_19

Honestly, has anyone gone to New Zealand and not enjoyed themselves? Blessed with some of nature’s best, New Zealand is where you truly see Mother Nature’s work at hand. And the best part is so much of it is still untouched. It’s best enjoyed by doing your own DIY road trip in a caravan, so you can leisurely travel from site to site, and then set up camp under the stars. Be prepared to be amazed at every turn you take – this is where you will find the bluest lakes and greenest hilltops. Even with the shittiest weather, New Zealand was still so astonishing and still remains one of my favourite countries to date. It remains high on a lot of travellers’ lists, but sometimes falls by the wayside because of the perception that it is extremely costly. Is it though? Read more: How to Road Trip New Zealand’s South Island in 10 Days

6. Portugal


For the love of egg tarts, seafood and #thatbeachlife, Portugal is where it’s at. Oh, did I mention port wine? Porto is the birthplace of port wine, and really the only place in the world that real port wine comes from. It’s the perfect city to slow down and just be. Wanna spend a slow weekend? Do it in Porto. In Lisbon, there’s just something to fit every type of traveler– you get the best sunsets, the most beautiful beaches, the friendliest people, the most amazing food and wine, the most eye-catching architecture and the most stunning sceneries. Need more convincing? Here’s 10 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Visit Lisbon, Portugal in 2019!

7. Japan

kyoto, japan

If you’re looking for a little heart and soul in your travels, head to Japan. For a country that’s at the forefront of technology and innovation, they have still managed to preserve some of their most cherished traditions and culture, which is what makes this country such a unique gem. I mean, who doesn’t love a toilet that masks your less-than-desirable noises while keeping your bum warm and toasty in the dead of winter? The Japanese really have thought of everything. And they will go out of their way to help you out in any way possible. Every time I return from Japan, I have a new story of Japanese kindness that restores my faith in humanity. If you’re tired of bustling cities and robot cafes, skip Japan’s capital, Tokyo and head to the Kansai region instead, where you will find beautiful landscapes and well-preserved, pristine temples sure to satisfy any culture aficionado. Read more: The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima, Japan

8. Bolivia

bolivia salt flats

Not for the faint of heart, but definitely rewarding for those intrepid travellers who are willing take a bit of a risk and travel way off the beaten path. Often overlooked due to its lack of transport and tours, but those who seek adventure will certainly find it here in Bolivia. Home to the world’s largest salt flats, what you’ll experience will definitely be nothing short of magical, as long as you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone…

9. Sri Lanka


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Sri Lanka really started to gain in popularity in 2018, and will continue to do so in 2019. With some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes, Sri Lanka is perfect for those desiring a little bit of nature. Its picture-perfect beaches and majestic cliff-sides will leave you wanting more. Plus, it’s a really wallet-friendly destination which is a huge plus!

10. Cuba


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Seeing the colourful photos of Cuba really makes me so happy! With their colourful architecture, it’s like walking through a rainbow. Want to step into a time machine? Well then get yourself to Cuba. You’ll still find classic cars all over the streets, so it’s really like being transported to a different time! The country is still unspoiled, and is one of the most authentic experiences you can have. Of course, these things don’t last forever so make sure you to get yourself there soon– like this year!


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  1. Great ideas on you list! We visited a few of destinations there, and can highly recommend! The only thing is that last year during our trip to Cuba, it felt like Cuba has passed the “unspoilt” point already, maybe it was different 5 years ago. Still a very interesting place to visit. Thanks! P. S. Would looove to return to some of these places again!

  2. Some great locations in this list, Cuba, Africa and India are all on my list, there are so many great locations in the world I find it impossible to choose where I’m going next sometimes!

  3. I guess, you already have a list for your travel 2019. I always wanted to go to Africa, and see a live safari. It would be great to these stunning animals.Need to start planning 🙂

  4. These are great ideas. I’ve been in some places from your list and can totally agree that Myanmar is wonderful place to go for 2-4 weeks trip. Cuba is also great country to teleport yourself back in time. I hope that this year or next year I will visit New Zealand. It is on my list for a long time!

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